Come join us for a ride!

Welcome to the website for the Green Mountain Bicycle Club, the oldest and largest cycling club in Vermont! Our membership includes touring riders, racers, and commuters from beginners to experts. During the cycling season we organize regular training and recreational rides and club races (time trials and criteriums). GMBC takes sharing the road and responsible riding & driving seriously and asks that drivers and bicyclists work together to make roads a safer place.

Our mission: encourage and promote safe and courteous cycling by using a helmet, always questioning your visibility on the road, using hand signals, riding responsibly, sharing the road and obeying laws.

GMBC was founded in the winter of 1970/71 and typically has close to 400 members annually. Join Us!1K2GOVTCST     SynergyFitness     LFVLocalMotionsus_wellness_web_logo      InspirePT  GMA     Catamount