Wheeler Natural Area (dirt parking lot)

Upcoming events

  • 10/23/2019 6:00 pm - 10/23/2019 8:00 pm

    The GMBC Wednesday evening rides start and finish in South Burlington, Wheeler Dirt Lot (see map) and travel through Shelburne and Charlotte. Groups (12 or fewer) form based on estimated average speed. The emphasis is on sharing the road and riding responsibly while getting a good workout on the bike. All groups ride the same route each week; the fastest group starts first. Specifics for each ride (e.g. start time, weather, parking) are announced through the GMBC email list.

    Are these rides for me? These rides are recommended for people with some experience riding in a group. Serious effort (within each individual's ability) is expected, but these rides are for anyone who likes a good workout and is able to maintain at least a 15 mph average, i.e. non-racers welcome! Faster groups are likely to have some individuals driving the pace and they may not regroup. Riders off the pace may drop back and ride with the following group. The last group will usually regroup at a few key points and usually tries to avoid leaving anyone behind. If you want a faster, strictly racer/hammerhead ride, consider the Tuesday Evening Training Ride.

    Average speed guidelines:

    • Group A:  average speed 20-22+ mph
    • Group B:  average speed 17-20+ mph
    • Group C:  average speed 15-17 mph with regrouping at key locations

    Route28.1 mi / 450 ft ascent. Route may be shortened or changed in early and late seasons.

    Start times vary during the year (because of the sunset)!! Riding with front and rear lights is recommended all season.

    • Early season (through April): on the road at 5:30 PM or earlier
    • Prime season (May through August): on the road at 6:00 PM
    • Late season (September until 24 October): on the road at 5:30 PM or earlier
    • Bad weather (current or imminent): most likely cancels ride

    Disclaimer: Ride at your own risk.  GMBC provides guidance on safe group riding and sharing the road, but assumes no liability.  It is your responsibility to know and adhere to Vermont laws.

    GMBC is volunteer-based and sometimes volunteers cannot make the ride.  This may lead to groups not being formed and the lack of regrouping points on the ride.  We encourage you to talk before the ride, form groups, talk about safety and have a great ride!

    • Start: Wheeler Dirt Lot on Swift St, South Burlington (see map)
    • Park: Usually in the lot unless another event moves us closer to Cairn's Arena

    Questions? Send John an email

  • 10/27/2019 10:00 am - 10/27/2019 10:01 am

    Unofficial touring rides have no designated leaders or route. Route is determined by riders who show up that day at the suggested starting location and time.


Many different club rides begin at this venue: Wednesday evening training rides; many Saturday morning training rides; Saturday instructional rides; and some day touring rides. Usually members are asked to park in the dirt lot, however this may vary according to the demands of other events being held at the park. The park is heavily used and parking can often be at a premium. Restrooms and/or a portable toilet are usually (during the summer season) available in the main area of the Dorset Recreation Area.

Parking is in the gravel parking lot, 100 meters east of the intersection of Dorset and Swift Streets. See red pointer on map.DO NOT park at the C. Douglas Cairns Recreation Arena.