GMBC rides are back! All currently scheduled rides are posted on the Events calendar. We are even trying to have 3 practice crits in July and August–more on that as the permitting process moves along. Pre-registration for all rides is still requested. Please see the links posted for each ride type on the Events calendar below and on the GMBC Listserve ride announcement.

The GMBC executive committee still hopes that our club will be a model for good covid behavior and hopes that everyone on the rides will be fully vaccinated.

  • Please do not ride if you feel sick or have had a known recent exposure to Covid-19. 
  • If you are not completely vaccinated, please keep 6 feet of separation in the parking area and rest stops.
  • Please continue to carry a mask during the ride (in case of a mechanical or a store stop). Even if you are fully vaccinated, stores may continue to require masks and/or other riders who either need or assist with mechanicals may not be fully vaccinated.  The mask is a courtesy to the community and your fellow riders who do not wish to have to operate as “mask police” or check vaccination status.

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June 26
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    Sat Training Rides

    12:00 am
    June 26, 2021

     Specifics for each ride (e.g. mandatory Covid-19 tracking link, start time, weather, parking) are announced through the GMBC email list usually by Thursday. You may also access the June Covid Tracking form here.

    Start times vary during the year. Riding with front and rear lights is recommended all season.

    For more information, please see Sat Training Rides.

    NEK Gravel Weekend-Two Mountain

    9:30 am
    June 26, 2021
    Mike's Tiki Bar parking
    44 Belden Hill Rd, East Burke, VT 05832, USA

    Click here for Covid-19 tracing and ride registration (required).

    NEK Gravel Weekend – Two Mountain Gravel – Class 2, 3 and 4 roads over Kirby Mountain to one of the most beautiful valleys in the Northeast Kingdom and beyond. Two variations to get there – one via more Class 4 road.  Then both travel along the lovely and relatively flat River Road to Gallup Mills and then up over Victory, back to 114 and East Burke.

    For Friday and/or Saturday night, cyclists can stay at Tom and Pat’s house in Lyndonville, just outside of East Burke. Vaccinated folks can lobby early for a spot inside the house but there is plenty of camping in the yard. After the ride, drinks at the Tiki Bar.

    If parking at Mike’s Tiki Bar is full, then go to the log yard, Kingdom Trails parking just before East Burke. We will meet by the Tiki Bar.

Everyone, regardless of membership status, must have a signed GMBC Rider Waiver on record to participate in any GMBC event. You only have to sign ONCE a season and then all rides are covered.

Always click refresh (on your browser bar) to be sure that you are seeing the most recent version of all events. This is especially important for race results and cue sheets! Calendar event dates, times and venues are approximate until schedules are finalized in Spring of each year. Ride times listed are MEET TIMES only because the actual ride time will depend on riders, route chosen, changing weather, etc. Evening training ride start times will vary as the sunset time changes and will be earlier in spring and fall and later in midsummer. Saturday (VP) training rides are the opposite and tend to start earlier in midsummer to allow for longer and cooler rides. Check the latest information on the GMBC email list for the most updated information.

Users may change the full calendar view as well as the view on the sidebar menu. Options include: full, week, day, list, 4-day, and posterboard. Tours, time trials, crits, training rides and meetings are each color-coded for easy identification. Clicking on an event will provide full information including a map to the start site and ride leader contact information if relevant. Mouse over (hover) an event to see the same information but with smaller text and no map.

Please report problems with the calendar information to the webmaster. If you would like to have your bicycle-related event in Vermont or upstate New York included on the GMBC calendar, please contact the webmaster.