Jackalope Northeast Cycling

Jackalope-Northeast jerseys

The Jackalope Northeast Cycling team includes all events of cycling: MTB, gravel, road, and cross as well as special events such as Richard’s Ride. Being a member of this team means being supported and being supportive. We set our goals individually, but we achieve them together.

The start of the new decade will be the start of our collaboration with the Richard Tom Foundation (RTF)Our organizations have come together in a joint mission to be advocates for, and to be creators of safer cycling infrastructure, roadways, and policies; and to provide resources and welcoming opportunities to all cyclists, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, FTW, U23, Senior, Masters, Junior (ages 9-18) and Youth (ages 6-8) cyclists of all experiences and levels.

All are welcome, and we welcome all. Jackalope Northeast Cycling Program in Collaboration with The Richard Tom Foundation as part of the Green Mountain Bike Club is a team of inclusion, acceptance, and community. We are a team of personal performance and believe that being the best you, is the best goal. As a team, we are here to support each other to achieve our cycling dreams and ambitions. Team members also advocate for safe cycling and improved road and trail cycling infrastructure. For more information, please visit the Jackalope-Northeast Cycling website.

The Team Directors, Joshua Saxe and Jared Katz have raced and trained alongside each other as teammates and collaborators for over a decade. Together they bring countless hours of cycling experience and interest to this new adventure leading a team towards achieving individual and collective goals. We and our team members look forward to showing off our new kits, racing MTB, gravel, road, cross, and supporting local events such as Richard’s Ride. Please visit our team website or contact Josh or Jared for more information on joining or supporting the team. Registration for Jackalope-Northeast membership is open at BikeReg.