2007 Time Trial Schedule
(last updated: 10/2/2011)

Championship Standings (see bottom for more info)

Date (each is a Thursday unless otherwise noted) Course Time Timers / Marshals*
April 19 Oak Hill 6:00pm J Bertelsen / J Witmer
April 26 Cochran Road 6:00pm R Ryan / T Ryan / C Schneider
May 3 S. Greenbush*** 6:30pm

K Bessett / J Compo / M Sheehan

May 10 Pleasant Valley 6:30pm

C Hamlin / D Hoyniak / S Ogjenharty

May 17 Jonesville*** 6:30pm J Baer / S Decker
May 24 Bolton Hill 6:30pm

Cleveland / B Peters / E Wegner

May 31 Cochran Road Ext. 6:30pm  D Rath / S Roefaro / D White
June 7 Huntington*** 6:30pm

S Osborne / R Phillips

June 14 Mt. Philo 6:30pm D Belcher / K Bessett / D Tier
June 21 S. Greenbush*** 6:30pm J Arnold / S Gaydos / A McDonald
June 28 New Haven 6:30pm

K Bessett

July 5 Huntington*** 6:30pm R Henry / J Ritchie
July 12 S. Greenbush*** 6:30pm

D Connery / J Komarmi/ M Mainer

July 19 Jonesville*** 6:30pm

K Bessett / S Bumbeck

July 26 Bolton Hill 6:30pm B Cannon / S Hoar / C Rainault
Aug 2



E Hunter / G Newbury

Aug 9 Little Chicago TTT 6:30pm E Hunter / G Newbury
Aug 16 Jonesville*** 6:30pm

K Bessett / A Lesage

Aug 23 Cochran Road Ext. 6:30pm

L Botojorns / J Willsey

Aug 28 (Tue) Jonesville*** 6:20pm

J Compo / J Orlando

Aug 30 Mt. Philo 6:30pm

J Davies / J Freitas / L Coletti   

Sep 6 Oak Hill 6:00pm

K Garen / B Magnus


Sep 22 (Sat) Fall Hilly 50mi 9:30am K Bessett


Sep 29 (Sat) Fall Flat(ish) 40K 9:30am K Bessett


* Timing/marshalling assignments determined by rider participation in '06.
*** Part of 2007 GMBC Championship Series.  See below for details.
TTT Optional team time trial. You and one other can work together to the finish.

How the Championship Series works

Your fastest average speed at the Huntington, So. Greenbush, and Jonesville courses will be averaged together to come up with an overall average for all three courses (each course must be ridden at least once). Awards are presented to those who post the fastest overall average speed in their category.  Separate trophies will be presented to the overall fastest male and female riders, too.

Anyone can enter in an event on a championship course, but only GMBC members are eligible to compete for awards.


All races start at 6:30pm on each Thursday, unless otherwise indicated. Helmets required at all times. For more information contact Kevin Bessett (434-6398).