2014 Time Trial Schedule & Results
updated: 9/18/2014

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         Events take place on Thursdays unless otherwise noted                                                                                             


Time Course Timers *
Fri Apr 18 6 pm Little Chicago - 1 lap or
Little Chicago - 2 lap (your choice)
J. & S. Gaydos
Fri Apr 25 6 pm Little Chicago - 1 lap or
Little Chicago - 2 lap (your choice)

J. Bertelsen & J. Witmer

May 1 6:30 pm S. Greenbush ** (click here for special instr.)

A. Bolduc, P. Gogo, C. Kline, G. Van Den Noort

May 8 6:30 pm Little Chicago - 1 lap or
Little Chicago - 2 lap (your choice)
B. Kinsman & C. Le Coz
May 15 6:30 pm Huntington **

K. Bessett & O. Hall

May 22 6:30 pm Cochran Road Extension K. Bessett & S. Francisco
May 29 6:30 pm Basin Harbor (New!)

K. Bessett

Jun 5 6:30 pm Upper Pleasant Valley

J. Davies & S. Dupuis


Jun 12 6:30 pm Jeffersonville (New!)

B. Anderson & B. Bell

Jun 19 6:30 pm Westford (revived from the past!)

K. Bessett & M. Hammond

Jun 26 6:30 pm Huntington **

K. Bessett & B. Dillon



Jul 10 6:30 pm S. Greenbush ** (click here for special instr.)

D. Gardner, R. Phillips, J. Williams

Jul 17 6:30 pm Westford

S. Decker (volunteer needed)

Jul 24 6:30 pm Cochran Road Extension

J. Hall & Owens Family

 Jul 31 6:30 pm Little Chicago TTT

D. Belcher, R. Quiron, D. Rath, D. Tier      

Aug 7 6:30 pm Smuggler's Notch

B. Bailey, T. Hubbard, A. Miner

Aug 14 6:30 pm Huntington ** K. Bessett & K. Duniho
Aug 21 6:30 pm S. Greenbush ** (click here for special instr.)

S. Gaydos, J. Schwartz, D. Seissen, J. Willsey



Sep 4 6 pm Bolton Hill Climb

M. & B. Hopwood

Sep 7
9:30 am Fall Flat(ish) 40K

K. Bessett, K. Lewis, A. Sturm


Maybe Sun 10/19 10 am Fall Hilly 50 Miler
Check back for updates, or email Kevin with questions.  There is an outside chance this could happen sooner.




    * Timing assignments determined by rider participation last year (details below)
    ** Part of GMBC Championship Series (details below)
    TTT Optional team time trial - you and up to two others can work together to the finish

Assignment of Timers

Assignments are made based on the participation of riders in the prior season.  People who raced 5 times or more in the previous season will be asked to help out at one event we randomly select when drafting the schedule for the next season.  People are asked to help because the events are free and because the organizer cannot possibly do it all alone.  Please feel free to swap events with others, just let the organizer know so it can be noted in the schedule.

How the Championship Series Works

Your fastest average speed at the Huntington, So. Greenbush and Jonesville courses will be averaged together to come up with an overall average for all three courses.  Each course must be ridden at least once -- you will have three opportunities during the season to ride each course.  Plaques will be awarded to those who post the fastest overall average speed in their category, and trophies will be presented to the overall fastest male and female riders.  Awards will be presented at the annual club pot-luck/meeting in November.

Anyone can ride a championship course but only GMBC members are eligible to compete for awards (important note: If you are not a member by June 1st you will not be eligible to compete in the series).


Events are free!  Unless otherwise noted, start time is 6:30pm on Thursdays.  Helmets required at all times.  For more information contact Kevin Bessett.