Basin Harbor
updated: 5/29/2016
Length: 10.60 miles
Difficulty: 2 of 5 (It's fast but the wind off the lake could be challenging)
Start/Finish: Near the Button Bay State Park entrance. Click here to see location.
Directions to Event: Take Route 22A into Vergennes.  Just south of the city turn onto Panton Road.  After a mile turn right onto Basin Harbor Road and take that for about 4.25 miles.  Turn left onto Button Bay Road and drive for about 1/2 mile to the state park.

Sign-up Location: At Start/Finish area.
Course: Click here to view it.  Ride north on Button Bay Rd. to Basin Harbor Rd.  Make a right turn and ride for approx. 4.25 miles to Panton Road.  Turn right onto Panton Road and ride for approx. 3 miles to the intersection of Jersey Street.  Turn right onto Jersey Street and after about 1/3 mile bear left onto Button Bay Road.  Ride to the finish approx. 2 miles away.

Caution: There are several turns onto other roads.  Use caution and do not pull out in front of traffic (your time will be adjusted if you are held up).
Where to Park:  Parking area near lake.  It's the first right as you had south past the park entrance.  About 1/3 mile away.  Click here to see location. Course
Profile Data:
Total ascent: 298 feet

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