Cochran Road Extension
updated: 5/29/2016
Length: 8.41 miles. 
Difficulty: 2 of 5 (has rollers and long flats, but can be windy) 
Start: Just south of Winooski river bridge on Cochran Road in Jonesville.
At Honey Hollow parking lot on Duxbury Rd. (1.2 mi east of Cochran Rd -- Click here to see location).
Directions to Event: Take Rt. 2 into Jonesville to intersection with Cochran Road in Jonesville.

Sign-up Location: At start area (click here to see location).
Course: Start just south of bridge and ride west on Cochran road to turnaround (several 100m beyond cemetery on your left).  Turn and head back towards start area.  Just before reaching the start area, turn right onto the Duxbury road and ride to the Honey Hollow parking lot.

: Take a good look before making U-turm. If you get held up by traffic, let the timers know how much time you lost.  Don't take a chance!

Caution: Significantly reduce speed
for this turn onto Duxbury Road.
Where to Park:  Jonesville Post Office and various dirt lots, including the Honey Hollow parking area at finish (see locations). Course
Profile Data:
Total ascent: 328 feet
Total decent: 253 feet

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