Duxbury (Mostly Gravel)
updated: 5/29/2018

Length: 8.35 mi
 2 of 5 (Not difficult, but about 70% dirt)

Start/Finish: Start on the west end of the bridge over Ridley Brook, just east of the intersection with Camel’s Hump Rd.

The finish is several miles west of the start area. It is where the pavement begins.

Directions to Event: From Cochran Road in Jonesville, take River Road approximately 6 miles to the stop sign with Camel’s Hump Road. Head straight. Start area is around 100m past this intersection.

Parking: After stop sign, continue on River Road for approx. .75 miles to Power Plant Road on the left. Take this word down the hill and parking will be down by the river.  Click here for a visual.

Course: Head east on River road. It will be dirt for 2.1 miles then change to pavement. At that point, ride for an additional 1.1 miles to the turn around. After the turnaround, dirt will begin again after 1.1 miles, then continue on the dirt for 3.9 miles to the finish (note: you will ride past the start area).

- A cross bike or MTB recommended.
- When heading to the finish, the decent past Power Plant Road is fast.
- The surface near the finish may have washboard. 

IMPORTANT: Take a good look before making U-turn. If you get held up by traffic, let the timers know how much time you lost. Don't take a chance!
Sign-up Location: Start area. Course
Profile Data:
Total ascent:  672 feet


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