Jeffersonville North
updated: 5/29/2016
Length: ~16.65 miles
: 4 of 5 (it's long with some steeper climbs just before the turn-around)
Start/Finish: Near the parking area. Click here to see location.
Turn-Around: At the top of a steep hill.  Click link above to view it (zoom in to see it).
Directions to Event: Take Rt. 15 into Jeffersonville.  At the rotary, take Rt. 108 North.  Go across the river, and on your right, will be a dirt parking area.

Sign-up Location: At parking area.
Course: Click here to view it.  Ride north on Rt. 108 for 8.3 miles turn and return.  The turn-around is at the top of the second steep climb.

Caution: The finish is fast and watch out for cars pulling out from Rt. 109 just before the finish.  There is a good line of site and motorists will be warned via a sign.

Caution: Take a good look before making U-turm. If you get held up by traffic, let the timers know how much time you lost.  Don't take a chance!
Where to Park:  Dirt parking lot along river on Rt. 108, about 1/3 mile north of the rotary with Rt. 15.  Click here to see location (zoom in). Course
Profile Data:
Total ascent: 967 feet

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