updated 7/9/2016
Length: 16.15 miles. 
Difficulty: 3 of 5 (a long course with a few longer climbs, and it can be windy)
Start/Finish: On Rt. 2 approximately 1/4 mile west of Notch Road Rd.  See location.
Directions to Event : Take Rt. 2 into Jonesville.

Sign-up Location: At start/finish area.
Course: Head east on Rt. 2 to the entrance to the Old Waterbury Flea Market (about 1/8 mile east of propane filling station). Turn and head back to the start area. Click to view online map of course.

Caution: Take a good luck before making the U-turn!  If you get held up by traffic, let the timers know how much time you lost.  Don't take a chance!
Parking: Along south side (river side) of Rt. 2 from start/finish line west and on north side (interstate side) about 1/4 mi. west of start/finish line (see locations)

IMPORTANT: All four wheels have to be off the road!  All of the road-with is needed to accommodate thru-traffic, parked cars, people getting in/out of cars and passing bicyclists.

Profile Data:
Total ascent: 318 feet
Total decent: 318 feet