Jonesville - Short Course
updated: 5/29/20156
Length: 11.35 miles. 
Difficulty: 2 of 5 (not much climbing fast, but can be a little windy)
Start/Finish: On Rt. 2 in Bolton, approximately 200m east of the school entranceSee location.
Directions to Event : Take Rt. 2 into Bolton.  Just past the Bolton Valley Access road is the Smiiley School.

Sign-up Location: At parking area.
Course: Head east on Rt. 2 to the entrance to the old Waterbury Flea Market entrance.  Turn and head back.

Caution: Take a good look before making U-turm. If you get held up by traffic, let the timers know how much time you lost.  Don't take a chance!
Parking: At the Smiley School in Bolton (See location). Course
Profile Data:
Total ascent: 354 feet
Total decent: ?

The profile and map below show the course from the start to the turnaround point.

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