Little Chicago - 2 laps
updated: 5/29/2016
Length: 16.17 miles
Difficulty: 3 of 5 (mostly gentle rolling terrain, but is long and can be windy).
Start: Just east of intersection of Little Chicago and Hawkins Road.
On Hawkins Rd, approx. 1/10 mile north of intersection with Little Chicago Rd.
Directions to Event: Take Rt. 7 to Ferrisburgh.  Turn west onto Little Chicago Road and go 6/10 mi. to Avery Road.  It's on the left. 

Sign-up Location: At parking area.
Course:  Each lap - Head west on Little Chicago to stop sign. Turn right onto Sand Road and ride to Kingsland Bay State Park, bear right (road turns into Hawkins) and ride to stop sign (where Hawkins meets Little Chicago).

Caution: You MUST SLOW TO SNAILS-PACE before making turn to begin second lap.  YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED IF YOU DO NOT.

Caution: This is farm country, so watch for cows and tractors!
Where to Park:  Parking is along Avery Road (see location).
Important: Park on east side, and do not obstruct road.
Course Profile Data: Total ascent: 259 feet
Total decent: 266 feet


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