Upper Pleasant Valley
updated: 5/29/2016
Length: 15.55 miles
Difficulty: 4 of 5 (longer course and plenty of hills -- steep climbs before turn-around)
Start/Finish: Start and finish at intersection of Upper Pleasant Valley and Jeffersonville Heights Roads.  See location.
Directions to Event: Take Rt. 15 into Jeffersonville to Church Street

Sign-up Location: At parking area.
Course: Head south on Upper Pleasant Valley road -- be warmed up, a climb is not far away!  The course rolls for next 3 miles into a fast descent to the intersection of Lower Pleasant Valley road (now you are on Pleasant Valley road).  Continue for approx. 3.5 miles.  A few hundred meters after the top of a long and steep winding climb in a field will be the turn-around (and is at the intersection of Moose Run road).

Mile 3.5 - Fast decent past intersection of Lower Pleasant Valley road
Mile 7.5 - Turn-around.

Mile 8 - Fast descent and some rough pavement in places
Mile 15.4 - Sand could be on side of road from a dirt road intersection and rough pavement

Caution: Take a good look before making U-turm. If you get held up by traffic, let the timers know how much time you lost.  Don't take a chance!
Parking: at the Town Hall (see location) or Church.  If a function is going on at the town hall, DO NOT PARK there. Course
Profile Data:
Total ascent:  1365 feet


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