Smuggler's Notch
updated: 5/29/2006
Length: 6.2 mi (first 3.2 miles is flat to rolling).
Difficulty: 5 of 5 (short course but a lot of climbing).
Start: Just south of intersection of Stebbins Road. See location.

On north side of the paved parking area near the top--just before parking area begins.  See location.
Directions to Event: Take Rt. 15 into Jeffersonville to Rt. 108 South.  Drive approx. 2 miles to Stebbins Rd. 

Sign-up Location: At parking area.
Course: Ride south on Rt. 108 from Stebbins Rd and finish near the top of the climb, just before the parking area.

Caution: Returning - it's a very fast decent with a few sharp corners.
Parking: Along east side of Stebbins Road (see location).
Important: Please keep the road clear.
Profile Data:
Total ascent: 1283 feet
Total decent: 45 feet


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