GMBC Email List (Listserve)

Our club operates an emailing list on the University of Vermont list server. Thank you to the University of Vermont for hosting this very useful service for us! This list is NOT for commercial or business promotions. Anyone may view the latest message activity and the archive here. If you want to post a message you must subscribe to the list. To subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your email GMBC List account, please go to this page.

Guidelines for Posting

Many of us are overwhelmed by emails, so please be considerate when posting to the list or sending a reply-all to another’s post. Also, please refrain from confrontational dialogue. The club’s goal is not to control content, but only ask that you respect other subscribers.

Common subjects on the listserv include GMBC event notifications and race results, non-GMBC rides, personal bike-related items for sale or wanted, car-pooling to events, and the occasional bit of witty banter.