Sharing the Road

bike lane marker

GMBC supports, encourages, and expects safe bike riding on all rides. This includes common sense behaviors for cyclists when riding and driving and interacting with other road users.

  • Stop signs are important indicators of right-of-way. It is illegal and unsafe to run them. In Vermont, cyclists are ticketed as well as motorists.
  • Please do not hold up traffic, it gives all cyclists a bad name.
  • Do not ride two abreast in areas of limited visibility, heavier traffic flow or  anytime it might impede traffic.
  • Riding with front (white) and rear (red) lights or blinkers are recommended, even during daylight hours and especially in poor weather conditions.
  • Riders in group rides should monitor group size so that no more than 12 riders are in a single group. Two small groups separated by a short distance is preferred over one large group.
  • It is every cyclist’s responsibility to learn and adhere to Vermont Laws