Gravel Rides

Gravel Rides are the newest additions to the GMBC activities. They are held on some weekends, usually Saturdays, and some Tuesday evenings and are posted in Events or announced via the GMBC email list. Gravel rides are distinguished from the other rides because most or at least a significant portion of the ride is on gravel or dirt. The weekend rides tend to be longer. Some are mostly flat and many have significant amounts of climbing. The rides on Tuesdays are called the MUP (mostly unpaved) rides and tend to be more common on the beginning or end of the riding season. Consequently, they often end after dark so lights are absolutely required.

Of course “gravel” or cross bikes are appropriate, but are not necessarily required. Regular road, hybrid or mountain bikes are often suitable. Please contact the ride leader for each ride (information available in Events or the GMBC email list serve announcement) if you have concerns about a particular ride.

Some maps for the gravel rides are posted in the Map and Cue Sheet Library under “Gravel Rides”.

Just like all of all the other GMBC rides, participants in gravel rides must sign a GMBC rider waiver once per season. If you have already signed a waiver for touring, training, or time trial participation, you have satisfied the waiver requirement for that season. Membership is not required for participation, but we would love to have you join us!